I am happy to supervise BA and MA theses. If you are interested in writing your BA or MA thesis at the Chair for Comparative Politics, please read the following very carefully before contacting me:

1. Read some of my work to find out whether it falls substantively in the area of research you are interested in and whether you like my approach to research.

2. Prepare a one-pager presenting your research question, including motivation and methodolgy. 

3. In your cover letter briefly explain your motivation to explore this question under my supervision.

4. List all courses (including grades) you have taken in order to acquire and enhance your analytical and research design skills. 

Please send the application documents by email as one pdf file, using the application form as cover. I will contact you once I have read your documents. If (and only if) I am convinced by the quality of your proposal and its fit with the research agenda at my chair, I will give my written consent to act as supervisor.

It is recommended that potential supervisees have attended at least one of the courses I teach at HSG. For MA students it is expected that they attend the MIA research colloquium.

Supervision Procedure.

The supervision procedure at my chair is structured along five sequential steps, with the completion of each step marked by a milestone. Supervisees are expected to contact me whenever they have reached the next milestone, as visualised in the figure below. 
Supervison timeline