Congratulations to Dr des Karina Mross!

Congratulations to Dr des Karina Mross!

Karina shines with a dissertation on democracy support and peaceful post-conflict democratization

In April 2019, Karina Mross successfully defended her PhD on democracy support and peaceful democratization after civil war.

The findings in a nutshell: International democracy support can effectively foster peace when accompanying post-conflict democratization. It can mitigate destabilizing effects of democratic transitions and, importantly, it is not linked to conflict recurrence.


[1] Mross, K. (2019) First Peace, then Democracy? Evaluating Strategies of International Support at Critical Junctures after Civil War, International Peacekeeping 26(2): 190-215. [»]

[2] Mross, K. (2019) Disaggregating Democracy Support to Explain Peaceful Democratization after Civil Wars, status: under review.

[3] Mross, K., Ch. Fiedler, J. Grävingholt (2019) Identifying pathways to peace: How international support can help prevent conflict recurrence, status: under review.