Team Environmental Policy.

Team Environmental Policy.

What we do to minimize our ecological footprint




Researchers produce a particularly large amount of carbon emissions, especially by using air transport to travel to conferences. This means that academics cannot expect to be taken seriously in the debate on the climate crisis if they do not themselves implement the measures they propose. We have to put our own house in order first, if we want others to listen and to engage in activities of climate protection.

As researchers with a global orientation and engaging in international projects, it is impossible to completely avoid all the negative environmental impacts emerging from air travel. Some travel may simply be unavoidable, for example, in order to carry out data gathering field research. And then we also do not want to miss the physical presence of scholars we are studying and working with.

Yet, we must strive to drastically reduce and minimize our environmental footprint while successfully accomplishing our research and teaching activities. At the Chair of Comparative Politics at the University of St.Gallen we have deliberated in an open manner and democratically agreed to apply a strict policy to reduce air travel and travel more ecologically. To achieve this goal, we rely on the following measures: